I’m opening commissions asking for help.

In the last week I have lost my job, received a large medical bill with high interest that needs to be paid off ASAP and I am in danger of being evicted if I’m not able to make the rent.

Please help.

All the prices listed above (with examples) are in Canadian Dollars. The prices were decided by the amount of time and work that gets put into that kind of drawing.

  • Sketches: 10$ (1-2 characters)
  • Comics: 10$/page up to 20 pages (15$/page for coloured pages)
  • Pen Doodles: 15$ (1-2 characters)
  • Digital Lineart: 20$ (1-2 characters)
  • Digital Coloured: 30$-40$ (depending on number of characters)
  • Portrait (realism): 40$-50$ (depending on number of characters)

I am willing to do NSFW pictures. Though it depends on the context and please, Dean/Cas NSFW requests only.

I have a certain amount of slots available for each “product”. With every new order that I receive, I will update the original post’s available slots. Please check back on the original post to see if slots are available. If I am able, slots may open again once I’ve cleared that section of orders.

  • Sketches: 2 slots available
  • Comics: 1 slot available
  • Pen Doodles: no more slots available!
  • Digital Lineart: no more slots available!
  • Digital Coloured:  no more slots available!
  • Portrait (realism): no more slots available!

If you are interested, please contact me via askbox. As long as Tumblr doesn’t eat it, I will always answer. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

I will work on all commissions in the order that they are received. Once I receive your order, I will work on a base sketch (to get the poses down) and send that to you. If everything is up to your standards, I will take the payment then. The commissions will be completed in order of payment received (if you take your time responding to the base sketch and someone pays before you, then I will complete their commission first).

When paying via PayPal, please add your Tumblr URL to the message section so I will know who the payment belongs to.

If you can’t commission anything, could you spread the word, please?

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